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Carpet remains the publicís number one choice of flooring because they are warm and cozy, making it safe option for children and the old so they wonít slip.

But your carpet also takes a lot of wear, each day, which is why it needs standard and expert care to keep it in top shape. Here at San Antonio Carpet Cleaning, we know exactly what methods to use to have your carpet smelling as fresh and looking as clean as the day you first saw it.

Letís face it, when your carpet looks or smells awful, your whole house does too. Carpet Cleaning San Antonio can help you reclaim those rooms you have been avoiding by restoring the feeling of clean, luxuriant carpeting under your bare toes.


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Making Carpets Feel Better & Last Longer... We will bring back its beauty & softness of your carpet in our established steps:

- Our experienced staff will meet you at your home or office for a pre-inspection and together we will classify traffic patterns on your carpets and any difficulty areas where youíd like special care or additional effort. We will take our time to answer all your questions and get started as soon as all your questions are answered.

- Our team is happy to assist you in moving light furnishings from the areas to be cleaned, but for larger areas we will work around them and clean under them as far as we can reach.

- We will then vacuum the carpets to loosen up the materials, including dirt, dust, sand, and even pet hair. We will also prepare the rooms for the deep steam cleaning, including a thorough pet-treatment of all stains or high traffic areas.

- With our green cleaning solutions which is particularly formulated to thoroughly break in all carpet fibers; this treatment is obligatory in breaking down stains, ground in dirt and odors in a safe, environmentally friendly manner. This part of the step actually will utilize our powerful truck mounted machines to gently effectively remove any soils or materials from the carpet.

- As our finale step of our process, we can apply an optional carpet protector that will help prevent the recurrence of traffic patterns on your carpets, further extending their longevity and beauty



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