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They are pretty stylish, colorful, and comfy and can add charm and beauty to any room in your home or business. But because they see so much foot traffic, on a daily basis, over time dirt and soil are going to build up, ending up deep inside the fibers.

Of course there’s also the problem of expected spills – grease, chewing gum, chocolate, red wine – all of which can leave an unattractive stain. And then there’s sun damage, moth damage and pet odors to compete with.


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Your rug acts like a sponge, absorbing liquids and dirt regularly. Over time, it may well lose its shine and luster, as well as becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

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You might think the best way to deal with these problems is to do it yourself, but think about how time-consuming and if you are even cleaning it the right way for your type of area rug. You might end up making the area rug look even worse and have to spend more money on buying a new one. That’s why it’s preferable to contact a specialized like San Antonio Carpet Cleaning, who has the capability and know how to get the job done as it should be. Here at Carpet Cleaning San Antonio, we’ve got years of experienced in the field, and employ only the most highly trained and dependable technicians, all of which know exactly what steps to take to have your rug looking FABULOUS again in no time.

All-inclusive Oriental Rug, Wool Rugs and all sorts of Area Rugs Services
Our All-Inclusive Serves Includes:

- Examination for pre-existing damage
- Vacuuming to loosen dirt and dust particles
- Washing and rinsing, using gentle, green organic friendly cleaning solutions
- Inspection – check every piece individually before leaving

Our teams offer a comprehensive services, cleaning carpet, air duct, tile and grout, carpet stretching, upholstery and area rugs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, providing quality service at a competitive price. We are certain you will be happy with the quality of our service. So let us take the hassle out of keeping your home or business clean, and leave the dirty work to us. We are glad to help you put that mop/vacuum to rest.


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